Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bawal Chiffon Ruffles

Bawal ruffles 
3 color ni je yg still available
Material : Chiffon
Boleh pakai style shawl or bawal biasa
Sejuk, flowy je bila pakai, sgt cantik dan elegant
Bidang 45"

RM 18/each

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sequine Cluth (Gold)

Brand New Sequine Clutch
Size : 27cm x 19cm
Color : Gold
Bole pakai pergi dinner, majlis kahwin, isi make up, letak Ipad mcm2 bole
Sgt gojes! 

Price : RM 30.00 only
Whatsapp to order

Chiffon Blouse Plus Size

Brand New Plus Size Blouse
Color: Black
Fit size S to XXL
Elegant looking
Wear with jeans, pants, skirt

Price RM 35.00 only
Whatsapp to order

Chiffon Blouse Plus Size

Brand New Plus Size Blouse
Color: Electric Blue
Fit Size S to XXL
Free Size
Comel color ni, tengah 'in'
Wear with jeans, pants or skirt

Price : RM 35.00 only

Dolly Blouse Plus size

Brand New Plus size Blouse
Free size
Fit from S to XXL
Nice earth color, sweet looking
Pakai dengan pencil skirt atau skirt kembang
Ke pejabat, mahupun beriadah

Price: RM 35.00 only
Whatsapp to order

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rocket Brown Tee

Preloved untuk abang
Size : 5 to 6 year
Color : Brown, ada print rocket 
RM 4.00 only

Superman Tee

Size : 3 to 4 year
Letting go for RM 3.00 only

Anakku Disney Set - Sold

Preloved like new
Pants soft denim ada ruffles, cute!
Button missing kat belah depan sebijik, mommy jahit ye

Tee color light yellow 

Letting go this set for RM 12.00 only

Old Navy Denim

Preloved like new
Size : 3 to 4 year
Brand: Old Navy
Mcm baru! With adjustable waist
Letting go RM 7.00 only

Hello Kitty Tee

Size : 2 to 3 year
Brand : Jax Girl
Material : Cotton
Comeii hello kitty kat tgh baju
Letting go for RM 3.00 only

Miki Tee For Boy

Preloved Tee
Size : 9
Suit for boy darjah 3
Color: Grey stripes
Brand: Miki
Material: Cotton
Letting go this Tee for RM 10.00 only

Green Yellow Polkadot Peplum - Sold

Size : 1 to 2 year
Comel sangat, kembang2
Letting go this set for RM 6.00 only

Purple Set for Girl - Sold

Preloved Set for Girl
Size : 3-4 year
Color: Purple pink
Brand : Green dog
Sangat selesa dan cantik
Letting go this set for RM 10.00 only

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Samsung S 3 {Samsung I9300}

Brand New Samsung S3 covers
Colorful and funky!
Excellent polycarbonate, dalam yg hitam tu lembut mcm velvet / rubber type, sangat comfy
Design by TSG Paris
Available colors as shown in picture

RM 20.00 each only

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mr Mustage Wallet

Preloved Wallet
Tidak koyak or rosak
Shining, byk compartment utk letak card
RM 10.00 only

Friday, May 2, 2014

Ipad Mini 16gb Black Wifi Only

Original Ipad Mini for sale
Color : Black
Size : 16 gb Wifi Only
Bought from Machine {Authorised Apple Store}
Reason for selling : Upgrade to Ipad Air
Condition: Tip top like new

Jarang sgt pakai, hanya guna utk dgr lagu, upload iklan dlm blog

Tak scratch, Tak pernah rosak/ send for repair

Complete set with box

Come with FREE casing:

Iguy Cover very protective for kid worth RM90.00

Hello kitty Covers worth RM 59.00

Letting go for RM 850.00 {nego}

Sunday, April 13, 2014

iPhone 4 (White) 16 GB - SOLD

Iphone for sales 
Model : iPhone 4
Color : White
Size : 16GB 3G and Wifi
Original from Machine (Apple Authorised Store)

Tak pernah rosak / send for repair
Well care sgt, gambar2 dalam Instagram, Blog ni taken from Iphone nie:)

Scha punye, sangat2 sayang nak let go tapi Scha dah beli phone baru:(

Plus...berpuluh casing / housing/ cover Scha let go sekali ye
Mcm2 ada, semua cute2 and cantik2 lagi
Some casing still baru tak pernah guna

Pls watsapp Scha utk gambar casing ye

Nak let go RM 700.00 only (negotiable until let go)

2x Instalment accepted

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Swimming Wear -Sold

Swimming wear / suit for boy
Size : 5 to 6 year
Status : Preloved in excellent condition
Letting go for RM 22.00 only
Macam baru sgt! Tak rugi beli

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anakku Top

Almost New top
Size : 3 to 4 year
Brand: Anakku
Material : Cotton
Ada colorful ruffless comella top ni!

RM 17.00 only (excluded from 50% sales)

Cotton On Kids Jumper

Brand New
Size : 4 to 5 year
Brand: Cotton On
Material : Cotton
Comel sangat!

RM 30.00 only (excluded from 50% sales)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

KiwiBird Power Bank -SOLD

Brand New in packaging
Model: Kiwi Bird
Size : 7800 mAh
Color: Pearl White (shining mcm pearl)
Sgt ringan, weight 170gram only
Bole charge mcm2 gadget
Ipad, Iphone, Android, Tab, Speaker dan mcm2 lg
Bole charge 2 phone serentak dlm waktu yg sama
Price : RM 65 only (No disc if buy 1 only)

Bonita Tote Bag

Brand New
Size : XL
Brand : Bonita
Color: Blue
Material: PVC
Besar beg ni bole pakai g office or jalan2
Sgt trendy!:)
Byk compartment kt dlm
Price: RM 50.00 only (no disc)